As a Yoga Guru/ As a Kathak Exponent / As an Author

Acharya Pratishtha ji has choreographed and conceptualised more than 25 dance productions on different themes for different organisations. 

Along with exploring and popularizing the traditional form of Kathak & Yoga & their therapeutic elements at national & International level, at rural areas, through Internet, articles, book, cds, lectures, performances, lecture demonstrations, workshops, television & radio shows Pratishtha along with traditional and modern choreographies has also covered sensitive and social issues in her choreographies like Female foeticide, Patriotism & Martyrs of India, women liberation, child labor & education, dowry, poverty etc to bring mass awareness through her dance form as she firmly believes dance is not only a mere source of entertainment and can be used as tool to make a positive change in society and to heal people.  


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A one and a half hour choreography based on the life of Shri Ram Sharma Acharya , founder of Gayatri Pariwar

 KRISHNA the Perfection (more than 100 shows)

 Lord Krishna is the symbol of perfection in our culture. Child? Like kanha, Adolescent? Like Kanha, Beloved? Like Kanha, Politician? Like Kanha, Warrior? Like kanha, Guru? Like kanha who gave the most famous lession of yog – GEETA to the entire humanity


An hour choreography on the life of living Legent Yog Guru Padma Shri Bharat Bhusahn ji


Knowing ourselves… we’ve all in us…Strength, Stamina and Speed all what we need is to realize it. And to realize, to know, to discover what we have within us we need to go inside… inside us…  we need to visit our inner place.

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 a patriotic Kathak Presentation based on martyrs of the Nation. As kathak means Katha Kahe so Kathak kehlaye… repetitions of the known katha is not at all important… Aacharyaa believe the Yug ke devata are the martyrs of India and sacrifice is their story as dance is not at all a mere source of entertainment… its something more… much more than just entertainment.

 MOODS... the Expression of feelings … 

There are different languages at different ares of the world with different use of words but still there is one language which is far away from words and speech which can be discovered only in the silence and that is the language of expression. Choreography is based on different emotions of life…romance, enjoyment, fear, valor, laughter, peace etc without words.


 A fusion of dance and Yoga as the both forms are deeply connected to each other and are absolutely incomplete without each other as dance is not only concerned with body… many times the inner self dances. Yog is not a mere set of physical exercises… yog is what takes an individual soul to the universal and dance is what takes the individual soul to the universal.



 When the man was happy for the first time he danced. Many people say they don’t dance… I absolutely disagree with this statement as I truly believe that each and every soul dances sometimes physically and sometimes mentally. Dance is the ultimate journey which takes the dancer to the state of trance..

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SAMVAAD the dialogue…(more than 80 shows)

 This choreography is all about the dialogue… the dialogue between the dancers… the dialogue between the dancer and the musicians… the dialogue between the music and the dance… the dialogue between the rhythm and the ghunghroos… the dialogue between the body and the mind and above all the dialogue between the individual soul and the universal soul.


MOKSHA the final destination

Going Beyond the cycle of Death and birth


Beautiful depiction of work of sant soordas



Story of GANGA becoming PAON DHOI


There is no avaran between man & Divine even if man wish he cany hide anything from HIM as he is there inside all of us.


A choreography based on the dark side of life and how we can fill light to that dark episode of life


A New Beginning

 AANANDA the real bliss

 Aanand is the real quest of every soul. We all are striving for aanand but… where to find it???? I’m doing everything for Aanand but am I going to the right path? If yes then why I’ve not found it yet? Is Aanand a thing which I can hold? Is Aanand a place where I can reach? What is aanand and what is the right path to attain it?

  PANCHTATVA the five elements... 

Beautiful depiction of five elements through dance & Yoga.


Explaination of five alphabets of NAMAH SHIVAAYE


A time Full of machines where there is no space for human emotions.


A Drop of Water!!! Yes its just a drop of water that's the creator of Sea.



Merging in to Divine!!!


A special choreography for Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Information & Broadcast and ICCR.... And Lot More.....

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