Acharya Pratishtha ji has healed thousands of people through the right combination of the science of Yoga, Mind therapy, Diet & right lifestyle.

To discuss your health issue or psychological problem or any life issue troubling you. You can speak to Acharya Pratishtha ji directly and discuss your problems. 

How to Reach :

One can attend Acharya ji's shivirs, workshops and residential retreats that happens time to time at different areas of the world.

Learn from Online available lessons:

A wide range of videos of Acharya ji are available at her youtube channel absoluetly free of cost. One can get benefitted by these videos. click here

Learn from available live sessions:

Acharya Pratishtha ji very frequently conducts Free Live sessions / talks at her social media handles and anyone can discuss his / her health issue during these free sessions. Click here to join free Live sessions 

Personal one to one consultancy:

 Acharya ji is rarely available for one to one consultancy. We would suggest you to either take benefit from her available youtube videos on wide range of physical, mental and social problems or wait for her next shivir/ workshop / retreat. 

Still if you are suffering from a complicated issue and need a personal one to one consulation, follow the below steps:

a. Fill the form below and email your medical reports separately at 

b. If acharya ji is available, an online appointment will be provided.

c. You can discuss your health problem with her one to one on a video call. 

d. A short yogic schedule + Diet + Lifestyle advisories will be provided to you. 

e. A session with one of our expert will be provided for better understanding. 

f. After following all advisories for 15 days, another appointment will be provided with Acharya ji to discuss and monitor the progress, an advance advisory with required amendments will be provided. 

g. Another session with one of our expert will be provided for better understanding. 

h. Advance advisory need to be followed for next 15 days.