As a Yoga Guru / As a Kathak Exponent / As an Author

Acharya Pratishtha has contributed a lot to Kathak, yoga as well as humanity at large. Here are few glimpses:

* Worked on the therapeutic elements of dance and has combined Yoga & Dance to treat patients of different ailments through the combination of dance & Yoga.

* Popularized dance as a therapy contrary to a common belief of dance as a source of entertainment through internet, workshops and television shows.

* Established a college of performing arts at Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh with an objective to promote this ancient art at rural areas , specially to those individuals who have tremendous talent but can’t afford to stay in metro cities and learn this art.

* Brought awareness of true form of Yoga through Internet, Television shows and workshops over a common belief of yoga as a mere set of physical excercises.

* Authored books  on yoga as well as Kathak not only in english but other languages too to bring world wide awareness of these ancient sciences.

* Created more than 20 Cds on her subject to popularize it among masses and to provide physical & mental relief.

* Written articles for Sakhi Magazine of Jagran Group and Tathastu a leading magazine of USA to benefit sectors of society through yoga.

* Invented few meditation techniques where creative aspect of dance is used to relax the mind body & soul.

* Used Internet as a medium to promote Indian Classical dance & Yoga and introduced a channel on youtube to bring worldwide awareness.

* Covered sensitive and social issues in her choreographies like Female foeticide, Patriotism & Martyrs of India, women liberation, child labor &  education, dowry, poverty etc to bring mass awareness through her dance.

*When kathak lost its roots of storytelling and became more popular as a court dance she did her specialization in story telling form of kathak and created Nritya maya Krishna Katha.

*She has given a different vision to dance :  dance is not only a mere source of entertainment and can be used as tool to make a positive change in society and to heal people.