As a Yoga GuruAs a Kathak Exponent / As an Author

You are not only the youngest but the best.’
                                     -  H.H.APJ Abul Kalam, President Of India

'Oh God ! She is too young.’

               -Sushma Swaraj, Minister of information & broadcasting,

                                                                                          Govt.Of India


‘A novel effort to preserve the classical & Cultural heritage of India.’

               - Jagmohan, Minister of tourism & culture, Govt. Of India



‘I can see the cultural talent & spirituality in Pratishtha inherited from her family. Blessings and Good luck.’

                                                       - ‘Padma Shri’ Ruskin Bond, Writer


Pratishtha is too mature at such a young age.’

                                                       - Swadesh Deepak, Writer


‘I can see a multi dimension talent in this young girl’

                                                       -  Nawaz Deobandi, Poet


'You know how to spell bound your audience.’

                                                   - Isabele ana, Kathak Exponent, Israel


‘I love India because of you and your yoga teachings my Guru.’   

                       - Kenichiro Toyofuku, First secretary, Japan embassy


‘I never knew yoga can be so interesting.’
                                                      - Shimtz, Monk  from Japan    


‘I have never found a yoga teacher like you.’                               
                                                     - Helga, Iceland embassy


‘I was in another world when I practiced your meditation.’

                                                    - Asahiko, Japanese student


‘I never knew my body is a temple and my soul is the only God, thanks a lot for letting me know this though your wonderful teachings. I wish to give birth to my baby at this holy land of India only.’

                                                                              -Yuka, Japan


‘I never knew yoga can be so scientific.’

                                         - Christia Germyn, Yoga Teacher, Canada


‘I met and spoke to my dead mother while practicing your meditation.’
                                                        - Kavita, Beauty Therapist


‘You are my ideal, I always wish to be like you.’

                                                        - Shikha, Student from Bhopal


‘ Acharyaa ji’s words have fire which provides a new enthusiasm.’

                                                       - Karvaris, student from Aligrah    


 ‘I’m greatful to Acharyaa ji for changing my life with her meditations’

                                                         -Mukulini, Student.


‘ Youngest Yoga teacher.’

                                - Nick, Britain


‘Never seen a person with such a lot of energy like acharyaa.’

                                                       - Natasha, Sweden


‘I love my guru s he never called me LINDY, she always called me HINDI, she is full of humor she is master of life.’                                                 - Lindy, America


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