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* Introduced as youngest yogacharyaa in 2007

* More than 17 television shows on leading TV channels.

* Mass awareness about yoga through her campaign 'Jago Bharat Dhyan Yog Andolan"

* Cultural ambassador.

* Creator of yoga books, cds & Dvds.

* Changed lives of many through her yoga techniques.

* Touched hearts of youth through Spic macay and mokshayatan Youth Innitiative.

* Combined kathak and yoga and worked on their therapeutic elements. 

* Discovered new creative, dancing and musical meditation techniques.

* More than 4000 hours of lectures.

* Written yoga articles for leading magazines.

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Acharya Pratishtha ji , is one of the most famous and well known face in the field of Yoga. She started learning yog in the womb of her mother as she is the daughter of world acclaimed Yog Guru Bharat Bhushan ji, the first ever ‘Padma Shri’ recipient in the field of yog sadhna by Govt. of India for his outstanding contribution in this field and has worked in more than 60 countries.


She learnt the science of yog under the expert guidance of her father and joined him on several concerts, tours, demonstrations and camps of National and International repute.


She took official training of yog under Guru Shankar Apte for 6 years at Kathak Kendra New Delhi.


From an early age she showed a special affinity towards the seers. She would listen to their talks and ask various questions and was really lucky to have the master at home itself to answer all her queries.           

Perfect yogic lifestyle discovered in her the YOUNGEST YOGACHARYAA and the MIND THERAPIST and she came out as a professional in this field when she joined as the yoga consultant at just 20 years of age and 

* ZEE NETWORK and WORLD YOGA ORGANIZATION launched Acharya Pratishtha as the “youngest yogacharyaa” and “mind therapist” on 2nd Oct 2007, her yoga show “Jago Bharat Dhyan Yog Andolan” is at telecast everyday thrice at ZEE JAGRAN CHANNEL.

* Given more than 36 yoga shows at leading television channels of India including Zee news, ETV, INDIA TV, TOTAL TV. NAXATRA NEWS, FOCUS TV, SRI NEWS, DOORDARSHAN etc

* Posted as Director of World's largest Indian Culture Centre of Government of India and worked for the promotion of Indian Culture at Mauritius.

* Posted as YOGA/ KATHAK GURU cum PERFORMER at Embassy of India, Johannesburg and Jakarta.


* Authored 4 books on Yoga & written yoga articles for leading magazines and created of many cds and dvds on 


* Performed Yoga postures for popular ad film ‘INCREDIBLE INDIA’ by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.

* Associated with SPIC MACAY as yogacharyaa.

* Conducted series of YOGA CAMPS as Yogacharyaa for corporate, students, army, police force, women, prisoners and public at large (with maximum no. of 7000 participants) worldwide.

* Worked as YOGA CONSULTANT at Amatrra Health Spa, Ashoka Hotel, N.D.

* Conducted a series of Yoga sessions for Indians & Foreign Yoga enthusiasts at ‘Mokshayatan International 

Yogashram’, Saharanpur.

* Conducted Yoga sessions at Different countries like JAPAN, SOUTH AFRICA, MAURITIOUS, CHINA, INDONESIA etc.

* Choreographed a ‘Yoga Presentation’ for Arogya-2006,08,09 by ministry of health, Govt. of India.

* Choregraphed ‘Togetherness’, a fusion of dance & yoga.

Has given more than 4000 hours of lectures and is Invited as a Guest Lecturer & Motivational Speaker at different colleges & universities time to time.



No matter she has given innumerable yoga & motivational lectures on Yog all around the globe and has given her kathak performances in almost all reputed dance festivals of world but she loves to share with youth as she believes that they are the real NATION BUILDERS. Hence special youth programs are conducted by Mokshayatan International Yogashram where as a MIND THERAPIST she teaches them how to master their mind and become architect of their future. Her such approach has made her popular as the youth icon.                                           


According to her, Yog is not a mere set of physical exercises, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a journey from ordinary to extra ordinary, it’s a journey of inner world that brings astonishing changes in the functioning of the mind, body and even soul of an individual. It provides more energy, enthusiasm and inner harmony to unlock the infinite potential and help the practitioner to cherish life and to see the divinity in each and every aspect of it. In just one word, Yogic life style makes the practitioner an Extra Ordinary one.

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Although Acharya Pratishtha conduct several yoga courses at her Ashram, college and worldwide. But for those who are far away but have a quest to learn bharatyoga can learn it online... MORE

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Several organisations conduct motivational lectures/ yoga workshops of Acharya Pratishtha for different age groups.

She loved to shre her wisdom with everyone round the world... MORE

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Acharya Pratishtha is a celebrated and distinguished Indian Classical Dance Exponent, Guru, Yoga Exponent, Author, Choregrapher, motivational speaker, A media person & a Social Activist... Read More